Life Member

Inducted 2023

A career defender who started out in the Bs in 2012, who put his hand up to play full back just to make the senior group. Originally nicknamed Rocketman for his degrees in aerospace engineering and astrophysics, Michael has played in every team at the club from As through to Scum, with the majority in Bs and Cs, and has also player-coached the Bs men. He possibly holds the record for most club games played before making A grade debut at 192. Now semi-retired to full forward in which ever team will take him, and will probably continue playing until his legs fall off.
Has played in two losing grand finals; was dropped for one winning grand final; and was out injured for another winning grand final. Finally played in a winning premiership after convincing the coach he was fine playing with a shirt button sewn through his finger nail to keep the tendon attached, 3 weeks after surgery..
Was also the coach of the Women’s B grade (1 year) then A grade (2 years) while playing, which included coaching his girlfriend (now wife). The teams were know as The Big Lez Show, a moniker which stuck as his nickname after he stopped coaching them. Limited success but brought a strong culture of enjoyment and inclusivity to the sides. Also the only player in the club’s history (and possibly the League’s but yet to be confirmed) to play and coach two different A grade teams in the same day.

Nickname: The Big Lez Show

  • 2020 – C1 – Chardonnay Socialists

Total Games Played: 202
A Grade Games Played: 7
B Grade Games Played: 87
Games Won (Stat Recorded Games): 112
Total Goals Kicked: 45
Most Goals Kicked In A Game: 3 – Sat 28th May 2022, 12:15pm, against Unley at University Oval. Win: 71 to 26. B Grade – Spence’s Special Reserve. Played at Centre Half Forward.
Total Club Votes Since 1980: 154
Jugs of Beer (BOG Amount): 6
Last Jug Of Beer: Sat 09th Jul 2022, 10:15am, against Old Ignatians at University Oval. Loss: 46 to 52. F Grade – The Frat Boyz. Played at Ruck.
Position Most Selected As: Half Back Flank, 42 times
Position Second Most Selected As: Interchange, 37 times
First Known Game: Sat 14th Apr 2012, against Flinders Park at University Oval. Win: 93 to 8. B Grade – Spud O’Leary & the Non-fighting Irish. Played at Full Back.
Last Known Game: Sat 27th May 2023, 2:15pm, against Henley at University Oval. Loss: 98 to 105. A Grade – The Top Shelf. Played at Centre Half Forward.
Biggest Winning Margin: 238 – Sat 26th Apr 2014, against Wingfield Royals at Eastern Parade Reserve. Win: 249 to 11. C Grade – Sexy P!mp & His C-Men. Played at Wing.