Life Member

Inducted 2022

#234 on the last line of defence at park 10 on an average day of footy.

Even better, it is against Ovingham, who we beat that day and then defeated in the GF to claim the sole premiership Brad was able to win with the club.

Bradley James Green – started playing for the AUFC by accident after Fred Bloch filled in to run an accounting tutorial in 2003.

After talking about Bob Neil for 50 minutes, Brad asked Fred who he was talking about and he encouraged him to get down to training that week. When he got there and said “I have never played Aussie rules” Chocka said it would be fine and to just enjoy some training, but wouldn’t have to play. After being immediately selected to play in the FGA that weekend….. Brad was then told the Scum might be where I belong and has embraced every part of the club’s last XVIII ever since.

A premiership in 2013 was the clear bad highlight in two decades of getting smashed by northern suburbs thugs and private school pansies week in and week out over 200 games.

Nickname: Green Machine
Premierships: 2013 – 8R – The Scum

Total Games Played: 200
Games Won (Stat Recorded Games): 114
Total Goals Kicked: 55
Most Goals Kicked In A Game: 4 – Sat 02nd Jun 2007, against Edwardstown at Edwardstown Oval. Win: 97 to 45. H Grade – The Scum. Played at Forward Pocket.
Total Club Votes Since 1980: 163
Jugs of Beer (BOG Amount): 3
Last Jug Of Beer: Sat 29th Jul 2006, against Sacred Heart O.C. at Flinders University Oval. Loss: 60 to 67. H Grade – The Scum. Played at Midfield.
Position Most Selected As: Midfield, 62 times
Position Second Most Selected As: Interchange, 56 times
First Known Game: Sat 26th Apr 2003, against Western Warriors at Underdale High School. Win: 130 to 39. F Grade – Foster’s Green Arseholes. Played at Interchange.
Last Known Game: Sat 21st Aug 2021, 10:15am, against Golden Grove at University Oval. Win: 144 to 0. E Grade – The Scum. Played at Back Pocket.
Biggest Winning Margin: 220 – Sat 01st Aug 2009, against Broadview at Park 10. Win: 220 to 0. H Grade – The Scum. Played at Midfield.