Life Member

Inducted 2012


Nickname: “Shotgun”

Games played: 216

Goals: 108 (maths science students will work out it’s 1 every second game so why the nickname?)

Premierships:2 (A1 Res 1984, A 7Res 1993?, A3 Runners Up in 1986.

Awards; I know I won an A 1Res B&F but when is a mystery, got the Mrs May award also the year is unknown, and an A 3 award for something. Should have retained those pewter mugs!

Coaching/service: A4 in 1991. Finished dead last. Won the first game of the season by a point in which I actually kicked the winning goal, then lost 17 Straight. Hence no premierships as a coach.

Social Committee Chair: think it was 1993/94. Plus General Committee.

Club Letters, yes.

Umpired A 1Res/A 2Res games in 2004/5/6?

Comment; the years spent at Uni we’re outstanding, enjoyable and have forged friendships that endure almost 40 years later.