Tax deductible donations to support the AUFC

Tax deductible donations to support the AUFC

Tax deductible donations to support the AUFC

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Join us in maintaining the exceptional community known as the AUFC – the Worlds’ Greatest Australian Rules Football Club! We exist to win flags, develop great people and enable them to enjoy the journey. We play for the love of the game, and we value excellence, inclusiveness and tradition.

The AUFC was officially formed on 26 March 1906. 1911 is an important date in the Club’s history as it marked the inauguration of the South Australian Amateur Football League (now known as the Adelaide Footy League), with which the name “University” has been synonymous ever since.

The Club has played in every season of the SAAFL competition. We’ve won 25 Division one premierships, boast 8 Division one medallists, 48 state players, 4 All-Australian captains (McLeod, Muir, Rofe, J.F. Sangster), and the first AAFC Carnival medallist to play for S.A. (Paul Rofe).

Since the club’s foundation in 1906, the AUFC has been sustained from generation to generation by selfless, inspiring acts of generosity, and by a strong culture of volunteers. This has been the case for over 116 years. This culture of giving continues to grow.

The Blacks have always stayed true to their amateur ideals. You can rest assured that our players are playing for the love of the club and the game in its purest form, despite the football economy that infects our opposition. This makes our success all the more glorious. We rely heavily on support from past players and other supporters to enable us to continue to offer a great player journey.

In order to remain a destination club in the increasingly professional environment of the Adelaide Football League, we need to ensure that – instead of paying players – we provide a “high performance” culture both on and off-field. In this way we can develop our people to reach their full potential, and we can continue to retain and recruit high quality players. We seek your assistance to enable us to provide a great high-performance program to our players, which will include:

  • A high-performance operations manager;
  • A Strength & Conditioning coach;
  • Access to gym facilities;
  • Professional physio and medical support; and
  • Meaningful rewards for those selected in our A grade squads.

Whether you choose to support a life-changing opportunity for a player by investing in the AUFC Past Players and Supporters Trust in perpetuity, or simply remain connected to the club via a donation to the Greys, your generosity is greatly appreciated.


The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) is the only deductible gift recipient for sport in Australia. This means that donations of $2 or more to approved projects are tax deductible.

Shortly after making your donation, you’ll receive an official receipt from the ASF that you can use in your income tax return.

Give Online for your full tax deduction:

Tax deductible donation to support AUFC


AUFC Vice President Donation $1,000
AUFC Chocka Bloch Player Donation $600
AUFC Bob Neil Donation $200
AUFC Greys Donation $100

You can choose to give any amount (i.e., your donation is not restricted by the above categories!)

Donations of over $10,000.00 entitle you to entry to the exclusive “NS Gunning Club”.  Donations to the NS Gunning Club (via the above tax-deductible link) will be invested by the AUFC Past Players and Supporters Trust for the long-term benefit of the club.

The “AUFC Past Players and Supporters Trust” was established to encourage a culture of philanthropy that supports the current and future priorities of the club.  The Trust currently provides scholarships to talented university student AUFC footballers to assist with the payment of compulsory fees, textbooks and sporting equipment.

We see the Trust as key to the ongoing delivery of our high-performance program, central to our ability to continue to retain and attract talented footballers, and pivotal to our goal of enabling the club to regain its historical dominance of the top divisions of the league.


Bequests to the AUFC Past Players and Supporters Trust can be made in advance of the inevitable via this link:


For more details on the exclusive benefits of membership of the NS Gunning Club, how to donate or bequeath to the Trust, or for a confidential discussion on any related topic, please contact AUFC General Manager Kyle Hodgkinson-Bean at or +61 422 336 552.


Giving In-kind

The AUFC also greatly appreciates the generous in-kind giving of past players and friends. Many donate their time to mentor players, provide career pathway advice and networks, and connect our players to the wider community and opportunities. Others contribute their wisdom and expertise by joining various club committees.

Please contact the AUFC General Manager +61 422 336 552 or email for further information on supporting the AUFC.


Together, we can make a massive difference to the lives of current and future players and assist the Club in achieving its vision to always be the World’s Greatest Australian Rules Football Club – to win flags, develop great people and enjoy the journey

Tax deductible donation to our facility redevelopment at Park 12 grandstand via the AU Sport Trust Fund.. download form here  …….and please make sure you tick the AUFC box” or donate on line via this link

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