Life Member

Inducted 1954

Hugh V. Millard had an outstanding record as a sports administrator in South Australia over a long period of time.  He was appointed Secretary of the SAAFL in 1922 at the tender age of 17 when the Amateur League only had seven teams.  He held this position for a staggering 33 years up until 1954 and was responsible for many major initiatives during this time.

After his suggestion in 1924, State matches against Victoria were started in 1925 and Hugh managed every side to play against the VAFA from 1925 until 1939. Hugh was one of two delegates from South Australia to attend a meeting in Melbourne which resulted in the formation of the Australian Amateur Football Council.

In 1948 Hugh was elected a Life Member of the SAAFL.

After his stint as Secretary, Hugh held the positions of Deputy Chairman, Chairman (1958) and President (1959 to 1965) of the SAAFL. Hugh retired from an active association with the Amateur League on 17 February 1966, after 44 years service.  In this time the League had grown from seven to 125 teams.  However, in 1981 he was persuaded to take on the role of Patron and he filled this position until 1986.

Hugh Millard was also Secretary of the South Australian Cricket Association during much of this time (1959 to 1970), so he was devoted fully to sports administration.  Hugh’s son, Colin Millard, played with the Club in the late 1940’s and 1950’s.

For his services to amateur football and for the great assistance that he provided to the University Football Club and generations of Club Secretaries, Hugh Millard, was made an Honorary Life Member of ‘the Blacks’ in 1954.  He was also made a Life Member of Semaphore Central Football Club which was, up until 1979, the other longest standing Amateur League club.

Hugh Millard was inducted into the SANFL Hall of Fame for the era between 1901 and 1930 – a great honour which reflected his contribution to football in South Australia.

In researching the 75th Year Book for the AUFC, R.J. (John) Lawrence (a player in the 1950’s) wrote a glowing tribute of Hugh Millard which included …”due recognition should be given to two people – Hugh Millard and ‘Long’un’ Wilson.  Hugh Millard was for many years the Secretary of the SAAFL.  I came to know him well when I was Secretary of the Club and recall how much I appreciated his sound judgement and support, especially in times of difficulty.”