Chocka Bloch Player Support

What better way to maintain or gain a connection to the World's Greatest Football Club?

Adelaide University Football Club Chocka Bloch Player Support for 2024 is now open!

Our Chocka Bloch Player Supporters assist an individual player for the season. This is a highly valued support category, as it covers the fees for the players and allows each player to take the field each week.

As a truly amateur club that does not pay players, we rely heavily on the assistance of our Chocka Bloch Player Supporters!

Our glorious Chocka Bloch Player Supporters for 2023


Margot Abbott
Michael Abel
Peter Andison
Tom Bernard
Sue Biggs
Michael Condon
Nicole Court – PCCU
Brian Dadds
Eddie Dadds
Michael Dadds
Patricia Dadds
Garry Davis
Michael Eaton
Ben Ellis
Nick Emmett
Beth Filmer
Luke Johnston
Thomas Katsaros
Sonia Legoe
Andrew Leunig
Peter Maddern
John Marini
Vince Messineo – PCCU
Christian Paech
Meg Paech
Mark Pittman
David Proudman
David Reynolds
Krysten Schiller
Brian Seppelt
Peter Sharley
Mukul Singla
John Williams
Andrew Wright

Support your favourite player, man or woman, in any grade, or leave it to us to assign you a player…

For your support ($600) you get:

– Recognition on the web site.
– Regular correspondence in the form of the weekly Blacks newsletter “Substandard”.
– Tax deductible receipt for you or your company.
– Prominent position in the worldwide “Blacks Book” of supporters.
– Contact from your male or female player during the season who may be in a like profession.
– Your player is supplied with player apparel including a club polo and club jacket.
– Your player has all their subscriptions paid.
– $25 Discount to the very famous long lunch.
– Ability to vote at the AGM as a member.

The Joy...

Of enabling a young man or woman (or several, why not?) to become the best they can be, both in football and in life. This is a priceless gift!


On the AUFC website and prominence in the marvellous Blacks Book.

Membership of the AUFC

Ability to vote at the AGM.

Personal updates from your player

Weekly Newsletter

Access to the ‘Substandard’ (the only decent read in the country these days, seriously).



Tax deductible receipt

Don’t Hold Back!

I am interested in supporting the Blacks through Chocka Bloch Player Support...