Life Member

Inducted 1982

Hall of Fame

Inducted 2014

Commenced in 1970 as a skinny, 70kg wingman and worked his way up from A5/A3res to A3s by end of that year: ie 6th side to the 2nd side. Humble beginnings led to a record of outstanding on-field achievements.

  • 211 A1 games, four A1 grand finals & 2 premierships 1974 & 1975.
  • Played 343 total games 
  • Gunning Medalist 1974, runner up 1975 & 1976, and 3rd in 1973
  • A1 selector 1974-1977; Chairman of selectors 1991
  • Best club man 1974 and again in 1981 for work with David Bradshaw in compiling 75th anniversary book
  • Most dedicated amateur 1992

Dropped back to A1res after 1983 A1 grand final, aged 33, as captain-coach: led that side to premiership on Adelaide Oval playing alongside many life-long friends in 1984.


Barty was very active for a very long time off field:

  • Treasurer 1973-1985: a 13 year record term.
  • ensured that the club found itself on a secure and sustainable financial footing with ongoing funding secured
  • Chairman of the AUFC 1993-1994
  • Social committee chair and member for over 10 years
  • Re-established the Blacks Ball in the late 70s
  • AUFC centenary year celebrations
  • Mentoring of young players and assistance for undergraduate engineers to gain work experience with Department of Transport

He was awarded national project director of the year by the Australian Institute of Project Management – a recognition of David’s commitment to the SA community in delivering significant infrastructure projects in Adelaide including the Port River expressway and the Seaford extension. 

David has done it all for the Blacks. Moreover he has been an outstanding ambassador, mentor and role model for several generations of Blacks and others in the community.