Life Member

Inducted 2018


Games played 211

Nick Name; Harry Wong

Started with the AUFC in 2001 and received the Best Club Freshman Award.

“Retired” aged 19 (a club record) after his 2nd season, in the B grade. He said he had other important commitments and essentially had better things to do with his life. 12 months later he realised he didn’t in fact have anything better to do with his life, and 15 years later he has qualified as a player life member having now played 211 games, many of them at the highest level.

Received Club Letters in 2013

Deputy Chair to Sam Bridgwood one year in the recent past. Bridgy’s memory is that he didn’t do much, but did it with the best of intentions. Sam’s fondest memory of Nathan is from about 2013.  Shortly before his death Norm Shierlaw, who was then aged in his early 90’s, spoke to the players in the change-rooms after the ANZAC day match, in memory of his brother John, killed in WW2. Nathan spontaneously stood and responded on behalf of the players, to convey their respect. Those who were there will remember it well – it was a beautiful Blacks moment. It spoke volumes for Nathan’s character.