Life Member

Inducted 2013

Bob Miles on left, Bob Neil (Legend), Grant Miles (son and Premiership Captain)

Bob has done it all…..

1993-1996    Chair, Parents’ and Friends’ Group

1997-1999    Deputy Chairman AUFC

2000-2006    Chairman AUFC

2000-2008    Catering / Canteen Manager

2009-2011    Barman and Catering / Canteen Manager

2012-current           Bar Manager, Timekeeper, Scoreboard attendant

AUFC Awards;

2001   AUFC Best club person

2017   Adelaide University Sports Association Club Letters

Bob is the champion of AUFC volunteers. As indicated by the above summary of his contribution, since 1993 Bob has spread himself across all areas of the club as needed, motivated only by the desire to contribute to the Blacks community, and never for financial reward. The Blacks have not only survived the financial challenges but continue to prosper, as measured by the most important markers: culture, community, and enjoyment of the game. Bob has been pivotal to this success and is the personification of its markers.

Bob is a champion. He extended his volunteer duties to Sundays without question when the AUFC inaugurated women’s teams in 2013. His early commitment to the women’s teams embodied the bedrock of the Blacks’ culture – kindness, exemplified by warm acceptance. Moreover, he set the example for others to follow, allowing our women to feel instantly welcome in the Blacks community. Our women’s teams have been critical to our recent success. Bob’s influence has been vital.

Bob’s selfless contribution to community – since 1964 – has been massive. His enthusiasm and good humour are infectious. He is indefatigable – a relentless contributor to two football communities across myriad influential roles for a total 55 years. South Adelaide and the Blacks.