Life Member

Inducted 2023

Nickname: Seagull

Total Games Played: 206

B Grade Games Played: 1

Games Won (Stat Recorded Games): 105 Total Goals Kicked: 119

Most Goals Kicked In A Game: 5 – Sat 10th May 2014, against Henley at University Oval. Win: 166 to 47. C Grade – Sexy Pimp & His C-Men. Played at CHF.

Total Club Votes Since 1980: 123 Jugs of Beer (BOG Amount): 4

Last Jug Of Beer: Sat 13th Aug 2022, 2:15am, against Prince Alfred O.C. at Park 9. Loss: 26 to 117. F Grade – The Frat Boyz. Played at Forward Pocket.

Position Most Selected As: Centre Half Forward, 77 times

Position Second Most Selected As: Interchange, 23 times

First Known Game: Sat 04th Apr 2009, against Gepps Cross at Park 10. Win: 75 to 45. E Grade – The Chardonnay Socialists. Played at Centre Half Back.

Biggest Winning Margin: 238 – Sat 26th Apr 2014, against Wingfield Royals at Eastern Parade Reserve. Win: 249 to 11. C Grade – Sexy Pimp & His C- Men. Played at Centre Half Forward.


Coming to the Blacks is one of the best choices I’ve made in my football career.

After playing senior country footy, I enjoyed the comradery that a footy community provides. I didn’t think that this could be replicated in a city club, but I

have been amazed by my Blacks journey. The club is everything anyone says

about it, and much more.

Playing Chards in the first couple of years was a great induction to the club culture and uniqueness that we all experience. The majority of my games played have been in C grade with the Sexy Pimp, which was competitive, enjoyable footy, with an awesome bunch of blokes. Due to C grade being a transient team, I have been fortunate to play many legends of the club, who I have looked up to and appreciated sharing the park with. Dom Davis, Sharls, Alessi, The Premier, Wolver, Kingy, Howie, BJ, Sparky, Les, Dirty, Rulie, Screech, Bridgy and even The Jerk, to name but a few! Whilst I’ve never won a premiership at the club (yet), I’ve had many highlights.

These include:

  • Meeting Bob Neil
  • Playing on Bob Neil #1
  • Playing on Bob Neil #2 (both editions)
  • Playing for every team except A grade
  • Night games
  • Beating northern, western and southern opponents on their home ground
  • Post game beers (@ BN#1, Long Room, Bowlies, anywhere with the fellas)
  • Circa 2010-2015 Blacks Balls
  • Singing songs

Apart from an ACL injury early in my Blacks career, I’ve been fortunate to stay on the park. I don’t run fast enough to get soft tissue injuries, and there has always been a team looking for someone who can tackle, crunch a contest or slip out the back of a pack. I hope I can squeeze a few more games out, if Howie is still going so can I!

In 2021 I was fortunate to be asked to coach a new seventh team for the club, due to excess players each week over the previous year and at preseason. It is an honour that I will always cherish, the uniqueness of building a team culture from scratch is once in a lifetime. The two years have been vastly different, the first year was successful on-field, making finals and narrowly losing to the eventual premiers in the knockout final. 2022 was challenging with a significant change in personnel and a tough division. The Frat Boyz (a shout out to the Fosters Green A#seholes) is a collective of college boys, first and second year uni students, some country lads and a handful of older blokes (late 20s) who were looking for a new team. New nicknames, new positions, new game style, new culture have been fun developing and I look forward to what the future holds for the team.

I graciously thank the club, the people running it work tirelessly and passionately to make it the greatest footy club in the world and I am most humbled by the life membership nomination. Up the Blacks.


The Seagull