Life Member

Inducted 2013

Nickname: No Doze / Dr Uggs

  • 1999 – D1 – Simmo and his Donkeys

Total Games Played: 215
A Grade Games Played: 179
B Grade Games Played: 9
Games Won (Stat Recorded Games): 131
Total Goals Kicked: 113
Most Goals Kicked In A Game: 4 – Sat 12th May 2007, against Gaza at Klemzig Reserve. Loss: 70 to 116. A Grade – Cockroach and the Nuclear Winter. Played at Full Forward.
Total Club Votes Since 1980: 330
Jugs of Beer (BOG Amount): 19
Last Jug Of Beer: Sat 19th May 2012, against Tea Tree Gully at University Oval. Win: 97 to 73. A Grade – Aussie Bob & The Contract Killers. Played at Midfield.
Position Most Selected As: Midfield, 92 times
Position Second Most Selected As: Centre Half Forward, 30 times
First Known Game: Sat 09th Apr 1994, against Norwood Union at Brookway Park Oval. Win: 78 to 70. C Grade – The Jackson Sixers. Played at Midfield.
Last Known Game: Sat 27th Jul 2019, 10:15am, against Eastern Park at Dwight Reserve. Win: 102 to 49. E Grade – The SCUM. Played at Forward Pocket.
Biggest Winning Margin: 127 – Tue 23rd Apr 2002, against Flinders University at University Oval. Win: 141 to 14. Grade – Adelaide. Played at Midfield.