Life Member

Inducted 2022

Started at the Blacks in 2008 and has only missed one season whilst travelling, made many great long term friends and has only positive memories from every team he has played in.

Fortunate enough to win 4 Premierships including Captain of a very elusive Div 7 C grade. Has played in (at least) 6 Grand Finals, and played for every team bar the A grade.

Nickname: Butt Man
2010 – Div 7 – The Pimp & His Big Blue Hat Full Of C-Men.  (Captain)
2016 – C1 – The Chardonnay Socialists
2017 – C5 – The Bastards
2020 – C4 – The B@stards

Total Games Played: 206
B Grade Games Played: 17
Games Won (Stat Recorded Games): 144
Total Goals Kicked: 149
Most Goals Kicked In A Game: 7 – Sat 02nd Jul 2016, against Henley Greek at Henley Oval. Win: 116 to 54. E Grade – The Chardonnay Socialists. Played at Full Forward.
Total Club Votes Since 1980: 180
Jugs of Beer (BOG Amount): 12
Last Jug Of Beer: Sat 19th Jun 2021, 12:15pm, against Pembroke O.S. at Fred Bloch Oval. Win: 76 to 61. D Grade – The Bastards. Played at Full Back.
Position Most Selected As: Centre Half Forward, 55 times
Position Second Most Selected As: Full Back, 53 times
First Known Game: Sat 12th Apr 2008, against Angel Vale at Elliott Goodger Memorial Park. Win: 112 to 73. C Grade – The Pimp & His Big Blue Hat Full Of C-Men. Played at Back Pocket.
Last Known Game: Sat 11th Sep 2021, 10:15am, against SMOSH West Lakes at St Marys Oval. Loss: 34 to 55. D Grade – The Bastards. Played at Full Forward.
Biggest Winning Margin: 195 – Sat 04th Aug 2018, 2:15pm, against Seaton Ramblers at University Oval. Win: 216 to 21. D Grade – The B@stards. Played at Centre Half Forward.