Life Member

Inducted 2021

Evo started with the Club in 2003 and has played 107 games.

He received an AUFC Outstanding Service Award in 2013, AU Sport “Club Letters” for Service in 2017, and AUFC Best Club Member in 2018.

He was the Inaugural life member of the SCUM in 2019.

Evo was Team Manager of The Scum from 2009-2016 incl, and in a popular uprising that saw the demise of the once mighty Boz, became Team Manager to the A1 Men’s team in 2017 (ongoing).

Evo is widely regarded as the Spiritual Leader of the Blacks and was inducted into life membership at Tuesday’s AGM in a resounding unanimous show of hands.

Ben Warren writes;

Craig is quite literally, one of the most inspiring people on Earth. Why?

To start with, Evo is humble, gracious and relentlessly puts other people before himself. To add to this he is funny, courageous and always genuine. He is a cyborg of niceness. There is no one nicer or better meaning on the planet. Mother Teresa, and the whole nation of India couldn’t even fart on Evo’s niceness or genuinessness.

I had the pleasure of starting devoting my life to Craig in 2004 as a team mate in the almost successful SCUM team that year (we lost the GF). From that point forward, he permanently put in 104% at training, sometimes 4% too much and on game days, no matter what role, the ‘Spiritual Leader’ burst onto the field and tore something apart, sometimes himself.

When I started coaching in 2009, I asked Craig to help me team manage the SCUM. He accepted the posting and from that point forward, he helped grow a premiership. It took us 5 years but every step of the way was fun and that is mainly due to Evo creating a culture that embraced every single person involved the SCUM and the club. People look forward to seeing Craig and that is in itself, why he is an asset.

I honestly don’t have time to write down all of his conquests in detail but will give you a starting list of 10 achievements and/or memories that others can contribute to:

  1. His handmade goal flags made out of his very own ‘pool rack’ and torn Bonds T-Shirts
  2. The smallest whiteboard in coaching history
  3. Putting up with me
  4. Stationary in general
  5. Jumping off Chimp’s balcony after the premiership
  6. Buying new boots for his 100thgame (with Ben Holland, Nick Holland & Duncan Kellaway)
  7. Picking a fight with Eugene Warrior at an A-Grade game
  8. The ball covered in moss at Golden Grove
  9. Evo and the strippers at the Estonian Club (as the buck)