Life Member

Inducted 2012

Hall of Fame

Inducted 2018

  • AUFC physio 1990-current (30 years and still counting)
  • Physio for 2 teams every Saturday for many years
  • AUFC head physio 2004
  • Outstanding service award 2002
  • Life membership 2012
  • Club Letters for Service to AU Sport 2017
  • Jo’s resilience has been remarkable, although believe it or not she did once suffer broken ribs in the course of her work with the Chardonnays – when she fell off Rob Calley’s bike after a few too many wines on the annual ‘Tour de Chards’.
  • Apart from that minor misdemeanour Jo has been thoroughly professional throughout every one of her 31 years at the club. (And still going)
  • Jo is the inaugural female inductee to the Hall of Fame. 
  • She is a popular, enduring, and most deserving inductee into the Hall of Fame of the Adelaide University Football Club