Life Member

Inducted 2024

He arrived in 2008, unsure of himself & his place in the world.

But 15 years later, with numerous fond memories, 3 things are clear:

  1. He’ll leave with many lifetime friendships,
  2. The original lyrics to ‘Sweet Caroline’ will forever sound weird, and
  3. AUFC is home.

Nickname: The Carlton Ruckman

  • 2020 – C4 – The B@stards

Total Games Played: 206 (to 27/4/24)
A Grade Games Played: 112
B Grade Games Played: 52
Games Won (Stat Recorded Games): 128
Total Goals Kicked: 75
Most Goals Kicked In A Game: 6 – Sat 07th Aug 2021, 10:15am, against Hope Valley at University Oval. Win: 166 to 25. D Grade – The Bastards. Played at Centre Half Forward.
Total Club Votes Since 1980: 162
Jugs of Beer (BOG Amount): 5
Last Jug Of Beer: Sat 14th Aug 2021, 10:15am, against Woodville South at Fred Bloch Oval. Loss: 50 to 75. D Grade – The Bastards. Played at Centre Half Forward.
Position Most Selected As: Full Back, 74 times
Position Second Most Selected As: Centre Half Back, 61 times
First Known Game: Sat 12th Apr 2008, against Edwardstown at University Oval. Loss: 88 to 98. A Grade – Cockroach and the Nuclear Winter. Played at Half Back Flank.
Last Known Game: Sat 27th Apr 2024, 10:15am, against Salisbury North at University Oval. Win: 112 to 41. C Grade – The Scum. Played at Half Forward Flank.
Biggest Winning Margin: 186 – Sat 02nd Jul 2022, 10:15am, against North Haven at University Oval. Win: 186 to 0. C Grade – The Chardonnay Socialists. Played at Interchange.