Life Member

Inducted 2013

“Gordo” started playing with the Blacks in 1982.

# 17 for a few years (then 217 as it was my registered number).

It got changed to 31 by Chocka when I got my “AUFC 1st 18” badge and started played in the A grade. “You don’t wear a 3 digit number in the A’s”.

When Chocka allocated me my new number I asked, “What sort of number is 31?” He said, “Hey, that’s the great Ronald Dale Barassi’s number Gordo”.

Nick name “ Flesh” or “Gordo” 

Games played 149 or 150 if you include the SA Rep game

Premiership; 1991 Div 1 Res Whaley and the Wombats

1985 A3 Coach’s Trophy

1987-88 Social Committee

1988 Best Club Man

1988 Club Letters (Competition)

1988 A3 rep SA vs Vic Match

1989-90 Social Committee Chairman

1990 Most dedicated amateur

1991 Deputy Chairman

1992 Chairman

1993 A1 Res Assistant Coach

1993 Social Committee Chairman

1994 A6 Res Goal Umpire

1994 Social Committee

1995-6 Greys Committee

1996 P1 Res Team Manager

1998 Vice President ongoing

2013 Life Membership

2017 Club Letters (Service)

Chauffeur to the Ox

Provider of Spook Hill Wines to the AUFC.

A great servant of the club in so many ways