club song

club song

club song


We’re the mighty Uni team
By far the best you’ve ever seen
With talent, and teamwork, we always combine
And when we, get tired, Sandy gives us ginger wine
But we’re the fittest team you know
And Bob Neil is a legend so
Open up those kegs of beer
Cause we’ll win the flag this year
The Blacks, the Blacks, the Blacks are fit
The Blacks, the Blacks, the Blacks suck piss!


(To the tune of “Sweet Caroline”)

Sandy the man
He was the A-1 strapper
His legacy is growing strong
Was it his spring?
Or in the way he stuttered?
Or in a drink he’d bring along?

Wine – ginger rind – harmony
Warming me, warming you
Green Ginger Wine – (BumBaDaaa)
Good wine never tastes like this
Like turpentine – (BumBaDaaa)
Makes your slug sting when
you piss – Agh-ooh-agh

During the game
You just tore the ol’ hammy
You’re in the shit, it don’t feel loose
But here he comes
Doing the Sandy Shuffle
To fix your hurt with his green juice

Drop – just a drop – go you girl
Healing me, healing you
Green Ginger Wine – (BumBaDaaa)
Good drink to swig if you’re ill
You’ll soon feel fine – (BumBaDaaa)
Just one gob full and
you will – Do-mi-nate

Top shelf you’re eye’n – (BumBaDaaa)
You’d buy better if you could

Next day ‘bout nine – (BumBaDaaa)
Makes your head feel like split wood

Green Ginger Wine – (BumBaDaaa)
Good ol’ Sandy said it’s g’g’g’good

Green Ginger Wine