Enjoy a fine selection of Wine courtesy of Bob Neil and Price's Wines.


Enjoy a fine selection of Wine courtesy of Bob Neil ….




At Price‘s Wines, our passion for crafting high-quality, hand-crafted wines begins in the vineyard. Nestled in the rolling hills of McLaren Vale, our 40 acres of old vines are tended to with care and dedication by Nick and Amanda Price, producing a small quantity of limited release wines each year.
As a family-run company, sustainability is a key part of our business. We are committed to using sustainable farming practices and preserving the natural beauty of our vineyards for future generations.
For us, the art of wine-making is more than just a business – it’s a way of life. We are driven by a love for the land and a desire to bring people together over a shared appreciation for good wine. Our wines are a reflection of our values and our commitment to producing the best possible products.
We invite you to discover the unique character of our wines and taste the care and attention that goes into every bottle. Whether you’re enjoying a glass on your own or sharing it with friends and loved ones, we hope you’ll feel the warmth and hospitality of our family in every sip. Thank you for choosing Price‘s Wines.


About Spook Hill Wines

Conceived in 1999, Spook Hill Wines specialise in premium red wines. A unique range of hand crafted wines are produced on site by Vigneron and Winemaker Jock Gordon using traditional winemaking methods

aufc iso wine & gin club

Lets face it, COVID-19 is a frustrating time for all. Made even more difficult with the fact that we can’t train, play or even watch football. In the meantime, we can support the club and taste a few iconic S.A wines and sip on award winning S.A gin to pass the time. Somm Wine Merchants, a South Australian wine distribution company owned by Bunny Warren and Red Hen Gin owned by the 3 Vallelonga brothers and their good mate have joined forces to fulfill your ISO drinking needs. Somm represents some of South Australia’s greatest winemakers and families, from John Vickery through to Ben Riggs and Ox Hardy. Red Hen has won multiple awards including Best Classic Dry Gin at the Australian Gin Awards and Best Small Batch Spirit at the Australian Distilled Spirit Awards. So it makes sense that two Bob Neil devotee companies worked together to find a solution in the most difficult of times. 

From today, AUFC, with Somm and Red Hen, will be putting together exclusive wine and gin offers for you to consider and enjoy. Being a part of the World’s best football club has its perks, as you will receive special prices that are even better than local bottle shops and will be delivered FREE.

15% of all wine and gin sales will go directly to the AUFC, so you are not just buying great wine, you are also supporting your Club. 

We will update the offers every couple of weeks, so don’t be shy in having another look at the offers in the shop when the first batch runs dry. Also, if you are looking for anything special that isn’t offered, feel free to contact either of us via email (address below). Thank you for your support.

How do I order? 

  1. Click on the link to the shop and check out the available wine & gin packs.
  2. In the Special Instructions type code: AUFC to ensure that the club receives the donation on every sale.
  3. Order – minimum order: 1 x dozen (3 x bottles of 4 wines in each pack) OR A  single bottle of gin is also fine to add on buy on its own.
  4. Free Delivery – We will deliver to your chosen address within working days. 

Please feel free to contact Bunny or Valley if needed at: or

May Bob be with you!

Click on the link below to start shopping  

club supporter

Vale Ale and 23rd Street Gin

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