Many people care deeply about the Adelaide University Football Club.

“The Blacks” have meant so much to so many people since 1906.

“The Blacks” do more than play games of footy each weekend. We also play a pivotal role in assisting young men and women to become the best they can be both in sport and in life.

One way that you can ensure that this work continues is to donate to the AUFC (tax deductible).

“Tax-deductible donations to the “University Sporting Fund” via the link below

…….and please make sure you tick the AUFC box”


Adelaide University Football Club
Ground Floor, George Murray Building
Gate 10, Victoria Drive
University of Adelaide
South Australia 5005

The Blacks have always stayed committed to the fine principles of University Sport and you can rest assured that the man or woman alongside you is also playing for the love of the club and the game in its purest form. It makes success all the more glorious.