The Adelaide University Football Club would like to remind all our players, members & supporters that they are not alone.

The nature of such a large club such as ours is that there are all types of people from all types of backgrounds experiencing the different highs & lows of general life on & off the football field.

Often these experiences are suppressed & football is used as an outlet or an escape from our troubles.

As a club, we respect that, but we would also like to remind ourselves that in these times there are many avenues of assistance available, both internally within the club community, but also externally through dedicated Government & Volunteer organisations.

If there ever is the need, all of our club committee members, coaches, captains & senior players are there and willing to take a call, message, email or have a coffee to listen & help point you in the right direction.

Below is a list of links that may be of assistance to explore further:

Gambling & Financial Help
Racial Vilification


Adelaide University Football Club
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The Blacks have always stayed committed to the fine principles of University Sport and you can rest assured that the man or woman alongside you is also playing for the love of the club and the game in its purest form. It makes success all the more glorious.